Wake Surf & Ski Academy

Stavros Wake Surf & Ski Academy has established itself as the best place to go for, Waterskiing, Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding.

We provide a fun, safe and professional learning experience for riders of all levels.

Dedicated Professional Experienced Instructors. Each instructor has taken a comprehensive wake and ski course to help coach you in a safe and fun environment. Our lead instructor has been skiing since the age of 5, has participated in many competitions and is a Former National Waterski Champion.

Our Fleet

The Axis Wake T22 is Malibu's traditional Wakesurfing / Wakeboarding boat.
The T22 provides a wave like no other. Create your own wave, each and every time you want, control their size, length, shape and speed! Equipped with the SurfGate system and Power Wedge III no matter what side of the wave you prefer, you are always going to be surfing the wave of your dreams!
We have custom made training bars on our other boats that cater for beginners from the age of 4 and Slalom ski boats for the more experienced skiers.
We carry a wide selection of the latest equipment - Combo and Slalom skis and Liquid Force and Phase Five boards.

Ride with Us   -  Fun Awaits!!


Waterskiing the sport we started with; Whether you are a beginner or a professional, attempting your first deep water start or heading for the slalom course we can train you to achieve your goals.

For beginners we use a training bar on the side of the boat, this improves communication between the instructor and skier.

The training bar also helps build your confidence and allows your instructor to guide you through the early learning stages.


Wake surfing is the latest sport at Stavros Watersports and has quickly become one of the most popular.

Wakesurfing is a sport that uses a boat to create a wave large enough to surf. It is done at low speeds and with little impact so it is fun for all ages and experience levels. Once you feel the push of the wave and drop the rope, you will be hooked for life!! From learning how to get up to mastering 360's and transfers, we cover it all.

We carry nothing but the best equipment available , a wide selection of Liquid Force and Phase Five boards


We offer training booms for beginners and Wakeboard towers for advanced riders. If you are ready to learn professional level tricks our instruction will get you there!!